How to choose agricultural machinery filter

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The world's major agricultural machinery brands include John Deere, CNH, AGCO, CLAAS, and KOBOTA. According to statistics, each company's revenue is more than $3 billion, and the top three revenues in 2015 reached $61.9 billion.

The world's major agricultural powers are the United States, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Argentina, China, Indonesia, Mexico, etc., taking the United States as an example.

The United States is a peasant who feeds 56 Americans and is also the world's largest exporter of agricultural products. 1. The agricultural network supports the new generation of agricultural development in the United States; 2. Efficient aviation agriculture to solve pesticide spraying; 3. Mechanized use in every farm in the United States; 4. Various agricultural subsidies for agricultural insurance; 5. Various agricultural education The system is adequate.

The world's major filter brands are DONALDSON, FLEETGUARD, WIX, MANN, AGROFIL, etc. DONALDSON is the main supplier of construction machinery and agricultural machinery filters, such as the air filter of JOHN DEERE, many of which are provided by DONALDSON. of.

In Europe, well-known brands include HIFI and SF, and most of their filters are manufactured in China.

AGROFIL is Asia's leading filter brand, , with exclusive agents in Europe and Brazil. AGORIL's filter products are of high quality and complete in model, suitable for the after-sales service market.